A History of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultations 1983-2007


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Joint Liturgical Study 63

For more than twenty years, the lnternational Anglican Liturgical Consultations (lALCs) have not just occupied a corner in the history of the Anglican Communion, but have also become a live part of the Communion’s systems of international communication and co-ordination. The Authors chart that development and put the major characteristics of the Consultations thus far on record. They do so, acknowledging that their only distinctive qualification for writing this account is that they are the only two persons with an unbroken record of attendance at the Consultations; however they also were known by the Alcuin/GROW Joint Editorial Board, when they commissioned them, to have a keen interest in getting such an account into print, as they had shared with each other a concern, as generations started to pass on, that a firsthand account should be written while it could be.

David Holeton and Colin Buchanan