Anglican Orders and Ordinations


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Joint Liturgical Studies 39

Essays and Reports from the Interim Conference at Järvenpää, Finland, of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, 4 – 9 August 1977.

When it was decided that ordination would be the primary topic for the Interim Conference of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation to be held in Järvenpää, Finland from 4-9 August 1997, the Steering Committee was conscious that it was following a pattern set by the most important multilateral ecumenical document of our age – the Lima Document: Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry [BEM]. Having prepared the statement ‘Walk in Newness of Life’ on baptism at its Toronto Consultation in 1991 and the ‘Dublin Statement’ on the Eucharist at its Consultation in 1995, ordination was the next logical focus for the work of the IALC.

David R. Holeton (editor); Paul Bradshaw; Colin Buchanan; Janet Crawford; Kevin Flynn; John St. H. Gibaut; Louis Weil.