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Art & Worship

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Alcuin Liturgy Guide 2

In an age where visual art is part of the life of everyone, we are confronted with images at every turn. And, in a world jaded by a glut of imagery, can art still have an impact on the life of the Church?

Art and Worship is an essentially practical book that assists the reader to appreciate the many ways in which visual arts might work in  a place of worship. Anne Dawtry and Christopher Irvine look at how we see art in church, and how we might heighten our sensitivity to the artistic dimension of worship. They survey the theological agenda for art and the Church, and give a brief history of art in church.

The authors also explore the need for communication between the Church and artists and for skill and sensitivity in commissioning works of art, giving examples of good practice, and less successful efforts in this area. Art & Worship shows how worship itself is art, a creative expression of our adoration and praise of God.

Chapter one summarizes issues concerning the place of art in the Church. Chapter two offers a brief history of art in the Church. Chapters three and four suggest the type of conversations that artists and church people should engage in. Chapter five focuses on the relationship of art to worship. Chapter six discusses legal ramifications that congregations face when renovating churches.

Chapters are “Introduction: Looking and Seeking,” “The Theological Agenda for Art and the Church,” “A Brief History of Art in Church,” “Encounter and Communication in Placing Art in Churches,” “Viewing Art,” “The Art of Worship,” and “Legalities, Practicalities and Other Resources.”