Modern Anglican Ordination Rites


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Joint Liturgical Studies 3

This Study presents Anglican ordination rites of the 1970s and 1980s, and the first two chapters analyze and compare their respective contents and character. There are ten different Churches and Provinces of the Anglican Communion (and the Churches of North and South India) thus represented, and there is also a note on the situation, as far as I know it, in the other twenty or so Churches. In virtually every case, a ‘rite’ actually means a complex provision for the ordaining of bishops, presbyters and deacons on separate occasions, each in the context of a eucharist. It will be clear that, if three such rites with full eucharist were to be set out in their entirety for each of twelve Churches and Provinces a volume of above 1000 pages would easily result. The task of editing is therefore bound to be selective and even arbitrary as to what parts of a rite are to be reproduced in full. However, I have good excuse for not reproducing the eucharistic material. I have edited three successive volumes of Anglican eucharistic liturgies of the last three decades, and it is virtually certain that every ordination rite published here is intended to be used with the corresponding eucharistic rite from one of those major volumes.’ The only touching upon the eucharist here is where there are either Propers (as, e.g. Proper Prefaces), or provision for the newly ordained to take some distinctive role within the eucharist.’ The order in which the rites are presented is that used in the eucharistic collections, based upon geography rather than an alphabetical or chronological principle.

Colin Buchanan (editor)

Reprinted from an original copy