The Liturgical Portions of the Apostolic Constitutions: A Text for Students


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Joint Liturgical Studies 13-14

The Apostolic Constitutions (to give it its full title, the Constitutions of the Holy Apostles according to Clement) is a vast compilation, in Greek, in eight books, the longest and most complex of what are generally known as the ‘church orders’. The Church Order was a literary form characteristic of the early centuries … It contain rules for Christian life and church discipline and liturgical forms, often attributed to the twelve apostles. From the fourth century onwards such Orders were often gathered into collections. Sometimes they were drastically rewritten or cast into the form of canons, and even those that were not rewritten were liable to alteration to fit the customs of the time and place of writing. The last of book VIII of AC is cast in the form of canons, the eighty-five Apostolic Canons (ACA).

W. Jardine Grisbrooke