The Savoy Conference Revisited


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Joint liturgical Studies 54

For nearly forty years I have been deeply engaged in liturgical revision in the Church of England, and have written frequently about it. I have also edited the eucharistic liturgies of Edward VI and written at length on them. 1662 has been even more on my agenda (the sole syllabus in my ordination exams, the sole rites in my curacy, and the sole syllabus again when I first taught liturgy), but this is my first detailed work on the processes which led to its authorization. I would have loved to have done a more definitive Study, but have been limited by space, time, and personal shortcomings; and I have had a curious awareness of the scholarly and judicious Geoffrey Cuming editing The Durham Book, which provides a kind of parallel to this. I have greatly missed Geoffrey’s wisdom while engaged on this task. Would that I could match his learning, care and judgment.

COB All Saints Day 2002