The Testamentum Domini


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Joint Liturgical studies 19

A Text for Students with Introduction, Translation, and Notes

The Testamentum Domini (hereafter T) is a church order com posed originally in Greek which survives today in Syriac, Ethiopic and Arabic (with possible
fragments in Greek and Coptic) as books one and two of the canonical collection known as the Clementine Octateuch. Its directions are cast in the form of Jesus’
instructions to his disciples, an ‘ecclesiastical rule’ (I.17), during the time between the resurrection and ascension. As this literary device is only nominally followed in the body of the text, we can speak of the Testamentum primarily as a church order preceded by an apocalypse. The two books of the Syriac text are composed of 74 chapters of varying length.

Grant Sperry-White