They Shaped Our Worship


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This volume presents a series of essays on those who have contributed to liturgical scholarship, the renewal of liturgical practice and the conduct of worship during the lifetime of the Alcuin Club. The collection highlights the close relationship between ecclesiology, our understanding of the nature and purpose of the Church, and the ordering of worship. The Eucharist makes the Church … The true liturgist needs to be rooted in the life of the Church and to reflect with others on the implications of her worshipping life for the wider social context in which she is set.

As a multi-author book by distinguished scholars They Shaped Our Worship reflects all the lives of 23 leading figures of Anglican  Liturgy during the past 150 years. It serves as a necessary reminder of the impressive legacy of liturgical work which has been undertaken by Anglicans, some of whom have been distinguished scholars, others influential writers, but all concerned with worship, the single most potent source for nurturing the Christian spirit and shaping Christian cultures.

These essays will provide a rich resource for students, clergy and for all people interested in Anglican liturgical history.