Admission to Communion: Late Medievals and Reformers


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Joint Liturgical Studies 75

Mark Dalby has contributed twice in this Series of Joint Liturgical Studies on the subject of infant and child communion – no. 56, Infant Communion: The New Testament to the Reformation (Grove Books, 2003) and no. 67, Infant Communion: Post-Reformation to the Present-Day (SCM-Canterbury, Hymns Ancient and Modern, 2009). In this new study of admission to communion, he widens the scope of the question to include all issues affecting adults as well as children, while he narrows the time-compass to focus the situation in the immediately pre-Reformation, Reformation and post-Reformation era. The range of issues thrown up by the question in that era is amazing, and Mark Dalby’s charting of them is comprehensive and helpfully categorized. The treatment interestingly relates to the first book he ever wrote – Open Communion in the Church if England (Church Book Room Press, 1958).