Anglican Missals and their Canons 1549, Interim Rite and Roman


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The 1549 prayer book retained much of the traditional shape of the mass. This shape was lost in the 1552 book, not least in its separation of the prayer of oblation from the prayer of consecration and its repositioning of it after the reception of communion. The new rite never commended itself to the more catholic-minded, and it was the practice of Bishop Overall of Norwich (1560- 1619), as observed by his chaplain John Cosin, always

‘to use this oblation in its right place, when he had consecrated the Sacrament to make an offering of it (as being the true public sacrifice of the Church) unto God … that by the merits of Christ’s death, which was now commemorated, all the Church of God might receive mercy, etc, as in this prayer; and when that was done he did communicate the people, and so end with the thanksgiving following hereafter”.

Mark Dalby