Charles Simeon on the Excellence of the Liturgy


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Joint Liturgical Studies 72

Charles Simeon, the doyen of the evangelical movement in the Hanoverian Church of England, was a passionate advocate of Anglicanism’s liturgical heritage. His sermons on The Excellency of the Liturgy, delivered at Cambridge University in 1811, were amongst the most popular he ever preached.

This Joint Liturgical Study offers an extended abridgement of The Excellency of the Liturgy, with a historical commentary to set the sermons in their context. It demonstrates both their devotional motivation and their polemical edge, and shows why Simeon rushed the sermons into print in the midst of widespread controversy over evangelical attitudes to the Book of Common Prayer.

Andrew Atherstone is tutor in history and doctrine, and Latimer research fellow, at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He has published widely on aspects of Anglicanism and Evangelicalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including Oxford’s Protestant Spy: The Controversial Career of Charles Golightly (2007) and, as co-editor, Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones (2011). He is preparing a critical edition of the complete correspondence of Charles Simeon for the Church of England Record Society.