Justin Martyr on Baptism and Eucharist


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Joint Liturgical Studies 64

This Series of Joint Studies has, in tandem with the old Grove Liturgical Studies, now completed 33 years of continuous publication, providing 112 titles thus far. Both Series have featured liturgical texts from the patristic era, translated and introduced in a format accessible to students, and moderately priced. The first text was Geoffrey Cuming’s Hippolytus: A Text for Students (Grove Liturgical Study no.8 in December 1976, and, as with all the patristic texts, it has remained in print throughout the period. But. as this range has grown, a key patristic author, earlier in date than any in the Series, has been missing, namely Justin Martyr. Justin was a gleam in my eye when I retired three years ago, and I am grateful to the Joint Editorial Board for commissioning this Study on him. I have been further stimulated by the far-reaching and magisterial treatment of Justin by Paul Bradshaw in The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship (2nd ed .. SPCK 2002) and Eucharistic Origins (A1cuin/SPCK, 2004).