Models of Liturgical Theology


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Joint Liturgical Studies 4

Lex orandi, lex credendi, the law for prayer is the law for faith, is an ancient adage which indicates the church’s conviction that the liturgy is indisputably one of the
sources from which theology can draw the principles which enable it to elaborate a systematic and scientific exposition of the Christian faith. And this is the case
because the liturgy has been seen as a privileged witness of the apostolic tradition. This, in turn, means that the liturgy, especially the early liturgy, has a normative value. This normativity is similar to the normative nature of scripture. It is to be employed in basically the same way. The liturgy is normative, because we presume that the first Christian liturgical experiences were in contact with the pristine and hopefully correct experiences and expressions of the Christ-event.

James Empereur

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