Daily Prayer in Christian Spain


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In the Latin speaking Western empire of late antiquity there were a number of major groupings of similar liturgical practices, centering on Rome, Milan, North Africa, Gaul and Iberia.  The Spanish church dates from the earliest days of Christianity, councils were held in Spain and it had influence in liturgy.  Between 711 and 756 Spain was largely overrun by Muslim Arabs, and Christians became Arabized in daily life, hence the term Mozarabic.  These local rites survived for many years before being overcome by Roman tradition.

This book examines the texts and analyzes the services of Vespers and Matins, particularly as preserved in various manuscript, and printed, editions.  It also surveys the study of the subject down the years, explores aspects such as canticles, hymns and the psalter, in comparison with developments in other places.  It then traces more recent progress in the daily office, and its links with this tradition.

The Revd Dr Graham Woolfenden is a priest of the (Russian) Orthodox Church.  He studied in Rome, Manchester and London, and currently serves as a parish priest in the United States.