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The Alcuin Club

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The Origins of the Roman Rite Volume 2

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Joint Liturgical Studies 42

In my former work (The origins of the Roman Rite Joint Liturgical Study 20) I set out to reproduce as many of the central texts as I could manage along with illustrative material from various sources. I trust that it was a useful exercise, and perhaps the request to produce a second volume suggests it sold reasonably well. But I have decided to take a different approach in this volume, and translate a smaller number of texts more fully over a few narrow themes. Each of the three chapters has its own particular bent.

The first, on the liturgy of Holy Week and Easter, looks at the development of these liturgies from the fourth to the early ninth centuries, and also functions as a
working example of how the liturgy of Rome interacted with that of her neighbours in that period.

The second chapter gives the sections on Penance from the Gelasian Sacramentary. This topic is a focus of interest at present in the Church of England, but the basic material and indeed the whole logic of the ancient penitential system is not widely known, and so here I am trying simply to give some familiarity of the subject.

The third chapter returns to the subject of Rome and her neighbours, with a fairly full translation of a set of baptismal commentaries by a writer known until recently as Pseudo Maximus of Turin.

So this is a varied collection of material, but I hope that it will have something for everyone.

Gordon P Jeanes