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Promoting the Study of Liturgy

The Alcuin Club

Promoting the Study of Liturgy

Lively Oracles of God

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This book reexamines what we often take for granted: how Scripture is presented to worshipers; how it is heard, especially by those with little experience of the life of the church; Scripture’s role in mediating the great narratives of incarnation and redemption at the high points of the year; where Scripture meets people in ritual transition; how the Bible itself provides the language of much public prayer.

Contributors also consider how the relationship between Scripture and liturgy is tested by new priorities-the climate crisis, the inclusion and protection of children, the recognition and honoring of those who find themselves on the margins of the church, and the significance of gender and identity in all areas of the church’s life. This book does not offer definitive statements. It is an invitation to a wide audience to engage in new conversations with their practice of worship.

Gordon Jeanes has recently retired as a parish priest in London. Previously he taught liturgy in the Universities of Durham and Cardiff. He is the author of The Day Has Come! Easter and Baptism in Zeno of Verona (1995) and Signs of God’s Promise: Thomas Cranmer’s Sacramental Theology and the Book of Common Prayer (2008).

Bridget Nichols lectures in liturgy and Anglicanism at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute in Dublin. She is the author of Liturgical Hermeneutics (1996) and editor of The Collect in the Churches of the Reformation (2010). She is a past president of Societas Liturgica.