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The Church in our day is rediscovering baptism, and that includes an exploration of the role of baptism in early centuries. In this study of Zeno of Verona (+c. 370 AD), Gordon Jeanes gives us a portrait of an important but neglected bishop and preacher. He describes Verona’s Easter Vigil and the initiation ceremonies based around it, and examines the bishop’s Easter sermons which are translated into English, most for the first time. He explores Zeno’s distinctive approach and theology, his use of imagery and of the Bible, as well as how he differs from Ambrose and other prominent writers, and marks his place in a varied practice and understanding which evolved through the Church’s response to a changing world.

Gordon Jeanes is sub warden of St. Michael’s College, Llandaff, and lecturer in Church history and liturgy, University of Wales, College of Cardiff. He was formerly Cuming Fellow in Liturgy, University of Durham.